Are you interested in buying, selling or improving your business?  If so, JP & Associates is a one-stop business consulting firm.  Read below to determine if you are ready to move forward.  John L. Padgett has brokered the sale of hundreds of businesses.  He has personally bought and sold approximately 200 small businesses throughout the South . He has been involved in the management of hundreds of small businesses. John Padgett has owned, developed and operated 3 major franchise companies in both domestic and international markets. Do you currently own a franchise and are you interested in selling it?  

Buying a Business - Approaching the buy/sell process in a logical success proven sequence

Business Brokerage - Franchise Sales

  • Are you interested in buying a business? 

  • Do you desire to be your own boss? 

  • Do you have equity dollars available? 

  • How do you determine if the business is right for you?

  • Can you manage business cash flow?

  • How do you determine the fair market value of a business?

  • How do you maintain confidentiality?

  • How do you structure purchase agreements? 

  • How do you determine legal and tax consequences? 

  • How do you structure financing? 

JP & Associates can guide you through the process and help you make the best investment!

Selling A Business - Is this a good time to enjoy your success as a business owner? 

  • Are you ready to sell your business?  

  • How do you price your business? 

  • How do negotiate the sale? 

  • What is Plan B if the original negotiations fail?

  • How do you find a qualified buyer?

  • What are the tax advantages in selling a business?

  • How long will the process take?

  • Will the sale be handled in confidence?

JP & Associates can help you arrive at the best price for your business!